Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday to Jorja May

Our little girl is turning 5 today....

She started out small....
and now she is my only child that has made it to the 90th percentile in height and weight.

She is my shadow...God knew we needed one more child to complete our family and I thank God everyday for each of our blessings!

She is in preschool now, and can't wait for the day she gets to go to Tarkington where she knows everyone there and everyone knows her, from volunteering with mom!

She loves to help Dad on the her flip flops of course.

She is always ready to help out at the kids school!

We are so proud of Jorja May and the little person she is growing into.  She loves to ramble on and on and especially late at night.  She is a night owl like her father, she counts 40 and loves to sing.

Happy Birthday Jorja May!


Mom, dad, Kyra, Jackson, Cyrus, Jones, Dog and Cubby!


  1. Love that Jorja May, too!! Hope she had a super-awesome birthday!!!!

  2. Hey! Happy belated 7th birthday to Jorja! My daughter Caitlin always has so much fun at PPC with you're awesome little girl and reading this post I realized that they share a birthday! :)