Monday, October 11, 2010

Family time on the farm...

As most of you know, we live in the city and farmer Chris travels to the farm daily.  Well this past weekend at the last minute we decided to camp on the farm.  This means we get to eat dinner with Richard and his family and then camp (of course with chores down in between).  A couple years ago my father in law (Grandpa T)started building a cabin on the farm, which is where myself, Chris, Cyrus, Jorja May and Jones slept...Jackson and Kyra slept in a tent.  What a wonderful weekend...the weather was great and we got to spend time doing something we love --- being together!

The girls in an old whole the pigs dug!

Jorja May doing chores!

Getting closer to having a warm space for baby pigs in the winter!

The barn posts are in!

The campfire and the tent Kyra and Jackson slept in!

We wrote secrets and threw them in the fire...

Ahhh the colors of fall!

Jorja May picked out her marshmallow stick

Grandpa T's Cabin we stayed in!
We hope you were able to enjoy this wonderful weekend!